Our Menu–Our beef is selected and hand cut by Donald Russell, traditionally aged for up to thirty five days


Edamame (v) £3.95
Bread & Olives (v) £4.25
Fresh Soup (v) £5.95
Chef’s choice
Rock Shrimp Tempura £8.95
House Dips
Seared Diver Scallops £10.95
Noodles, spring onion, chilli, oriental sauce
Grilled Fresh Asparagus & Artichoke (v) £7.95
Shaved parmesan, extra virgin olive oil, balsamic reduction
Grilled Field Mushroom & Avocado (v) £7.95
Melted blue cheese, parmesan & breadcrumb crust
Salt and Pepper Squid £8.95
Garlic, chilli, spring onion
Pan fried King Prawns £8.95
Chilli, garlic beurre blanc
Fresh Wholetail Scampi £7.95
Tartar Sauce



All salads can be served as a starter or main
Duck Breast £8.95/£12.95
Light Oriental dressing
Beef Fillet £10.95/£19.95
Honey & mustard dressing
Grilled King Prawn £8.95/£12.95
Lemon & chilli dressing
King Prawn Caesar £9.95/£13.95
Classic dressing
Chicken Breast Caesar £9.95/£13.95
Classic dressing
Beetroot & Goats Cheese (v) £7.95/£11.95
Walnuts, lemon & chilli dressing

Steaks & Burgers

All our beef is selected and hand cut by Donald Russell, from cattle which have been fed on a natural, grass based diet. All our beef is traditionally aged for up to thirty five days which is easily identifiable through its unique succulence, tenderness and award-winning flavour.
All steak sizes are subject to cooking. All steaks will include one of our home made sauces.
Rib Eye (340g) £22.95
The steak with the most marbling which releases it’s juices during cooking, creating a moist full flavoured steak
Sirloin (300g) £21.95
Contains less fat than the Rib Eye the Sirloin Steak comes from the loin giving a full rounded flavour
Fillet (225g) £24.95
This fat-free steak comes from the tenderloin, making this delicate steak the tenderest, melt in your mouth steak
Surf ‘n’ Turf (170g) £29.95
Fillet Steak, 5 Grilled King Prawns in chilli, garlic, beurre blanc
Branded Mixed Steak Platter (for four) £79.95
Rump, Sirloin, Fillet, Rib Eye – a selection of all of our most popular cuts to share
T Bone (680g) £37.95
The best of both worlds, a Sirloin and Fillet steak joined together with a bone, steak heaven!
Chateaubriand (600g) (for two) £47.95
Fillet, bearnaise sauce. Please allow 30 minutes cooking time
Rump (340g) £19.95
The Rump is next to the tenderloin. This steak has
Côte de boeuf (600g) £34.95
This steak contains the most marbling which releases it’s juices during cooking. It is served on the bone which enhances the flavour giving it a very moist, full-flavoured texture.
Branded Burger £9.95
Smoked bacon, Monterey Jack, Branded sauce with lettuce, tomato, red onion and dill pickle
Chicken Burger £9.95
Char-grilled chicken breast served with lettuce, tomato, red onion, dill pickle and mayonnaise


Side Orders

Sweet Potato Chips £4.25
Chunky Chips £3.95
Mash Potato £3.95
Minted New Potatoes 3.95
Rocket and Parmesan £3.95
Tomato AND Red Onion Salad £3.95
Onion Rings £3.95
Grilled Field Mushrooms £3.95
French Beans £3.95
Leaf Spinach £3.95
Tender Stem Broccoli £3.95
Mac & Cheese £4.95

Fish & Mains

Fresh Peterhead Cod & Chips £16.95
Fresh scampi & chips £15.95
Fresh North Atlantic Halibut & chips £27.95
All battered and served with chips, minted mushy peas, tartar sauce & lemon wedge
Fresh Dover Sole £32.95
Grilled or caper butter sauce
Grilled Fresh North Atlantic Halibut £29.95
Courgette, pak choi, ginger, spring onion. chilli, soy sauce
Fresh Scottish Salmon £17.95
Creamy mash, leaf spinach, hollandaise glaze
King Prawn Linguini £16.95
Chunky tomato, tarragon, lobster sauce
Vegetarian Lasagne (v) £12.95
Roasted vegetable
Penne Pasta (V) £14.95
Mushroom, leaf spinach, courgette, sweet peppers, chunky tomato sauce
Oriental Noodle – Fillet Steak (170g) £24.95
Fine egg noodles, oriental sauce, mixed peppers, spring
Oriental Noodle – Chicken & King Prawn £19.95
Fine egg noodles, oriental sauce, mixed peppers, spring
Marinated lamb cutlets £19.95
Dry aged best end of lamb
Half Char-Grilled Chicken £14.95
Marinated part boned English farm assured chickens. Please allow 20 minutes cooking time.



Cosmopolitan £8.95
Porn Star £9.95
Espresso Martini £9.95
White Peach Bellini £9.95
Mojito 8.95Amaretto Sour £8.95



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